“Security is when everything is settled, when nothing can happen to you; security is the denial of life.” — Germaine Greer

Are we ever really secure? Would to hear everyone opinion on this question. please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinons on the subject.

We are in new era of protectionism.  If history is any guide to the answer to this question then “no” we are never really secure. Life is forever changing, no one can stop the ebbs and flows of life.  We could build a wall around us trying to stay safe and keep danger at a distance, but it also closes us in. Two prisons are created at the same time. Everyone wants  freedom to live as they want, but how can we be free if we just keep imprisoning ourselves and others? There are people who take the risk and take the walls down to see what is on the other side, to discover news things, new ways to live and grow, instead of just trying to keep everything the same. Change is the only thing that is certain in this life. Trying to resist it will only make you fustrated, exhausted, and anger.

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