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The Benefits

Lifestyle Transformation

Life ReImagined Online Program & Membership

Life ReImagined Online Course or One- to-One Coaching where in four easy steps you will reimagine your life and an create a action plan tailored specifically to you and your lifestyle. Let’s create your personal vision so you can start living it today!

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Master classes

Through our masterclasses and membership program, I will work with you step by step to achieve your goals and help you: stay accountable, consistent, eliminate self-doubt, a lack of confidence, and fear to create a holistic, balanced and fulfilled life. Click below to start today!


Coming Soon! France Thriving Abroad Program & France Retreat

My Thriving Abroad program will give you the  fundamental steps you need to start on your journey abroad.

Get balanced, aligned, and intentional while discovering all the riches of the South of France with my seven day retreat in Nyons. Come bask in the lavender fields.

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Life Transition

Personal Development

Career Transition



Strategic Planning

Skill Enhancement

Personal Transformation


What people get from the program?


Clarity and organization in life and goals


Improved self-confidence and reduced self-doubt


Tailored and holistic approach to lifestyle change


Support and guidance to overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Follow these steps

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Step 1

 Book a Discovery Call

Discover how to start to change your life immediately. Take the next step by scheduling a one-on-one 15 minutes consultation. During this session, we’ll discuss your unique challenges and goals, and determine the life coaching program is the right fit for you.

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Step 2

Take a Masterclass

Get the tools you need to get started on your journey to clarity and self improvement. Discover one of the variety of masterclasses we offer to help with: confidence, people pleasing, and more……

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Step 3

  Embrace Transition

ReImagine your life at home and abroad. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth. With the support and guidance you’ll develop a clear vision. Envision it, Plan it, Do IT! Embrace this opportunity to transform your life and live the life you deserve.

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Why did I start my business?

I used to have a company called Organize-IT123 where I was working with freelancers and entrepreneurs who traveled a lot and I helped not only them organize themselves and businesses but also with personal development.  it was a natural transition to Life Coaching. People were always asking me: How did you create your life abroad?, how did you travel so many places?, how did you start your business? So I began to teach my method: Creating a Vision,  Organizing, Creating a Strategy, and Taking small consistent action, coupled with unshakeable self belief and spirutlaity.

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Mundey Young

As entrepreneurs, creatives, and travelers  our lives have lots of different chapters and every place or project we have adds a new storyline, characters, challenges and experiences. Those chapters are also different stages. My job as Intl Life and Business Coach to help you create the chapter you want to live in now by  helping you Create a New Vision for your life, projects, and business.




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Happy Clients

“I have worked with Mundey several times over the past five years. Juggling family and a freelance career has been overwhelming for me. With Mundey’s help, I worked through the process of creating a vision. We created a family and work schedule to merge together so I understand what amount of time I have to do certain projects. I review this annually. This process also allowed me to say no to activities and projects that didn’t prove helpful to my vision. At various check-ins we have focused on pricing, client packages, and branding. We also make sure that family needs are taken into account. Without Mundey’s ability to cut away the things that don’t move me forward, I would not be where I am today – much happier with my family and career balance. I will continue to work with Mundey as life changes and new challenges come up.”

Connie, Graphic Designer, Texas
“Overall the class was very beneficial to me. I enjoyed your enthusiasm and I found the course to be well planned and organized with lots of great content. I learned so much in a short time and the information you gave us was easy to put into practice. I will continue to work on this process using the excellent handouts. Your talk on finances was helpful and it encouraged me to take a financial workshop which I would not have done if it weren’t for this course. The biggest take away from this session was to be prepared for when an opportunity comes along.”

Ellie, Boston
“I needed this course in this moment of my life. The course provides not only tools and technics on how to build a vision for your life or clarity on the process, but empowers you to be the hero, director and producer of your life, by living purposefully and intentionally. I love Mundey’s unique blend of pragmatism and empathy in asking the right questions to unblock the answers that are somewhere inside us.”

Manuela, Paris

“Mundey’s course Thriving in France is about so much more than finding strategies that work: it’s about looking at a holistic way at yourself, your life and your vision. Mundey has helped me to focus on the positive and on my needs, to visualize the life that I want, instead of on the problems that might prevent that life from materializing. Her mantra to ‘Follow the process’, and to do not worry to much about the HOW, but instead to focus on my vision, is a very powerful one – and it is helping me to shift from ‘yes but’ anxiety thinking to visualizing my dream life and to opening up to possibilities I hadn’t realized are there.

It is inspirational to hear how Mundey has learned and applied her strategies in her own life, and this combined with concrete examples, stories and exercises helps to make potentially abstract topics like visualization, purpose and intentions much more clear, down-to-earth and applicable. In addition to the useful, practical material that she shares, it is a pleasure to be coached by her. She asks the right questions, and she has a great mix of directness and empathy and compassion. I enjoyed the group coaching, and learning about the journeys and challenges of the other women in my group helped me also to reflect on and learn more about my own. We also had a lot of laughs! When we couldn’t get to the bottom of a participant’s problem during a group session, Mundey was available for a 1-to-1 call, and I really appreciate that I could reach out to her and have her support and wise words when I needed it. I am so happy I signed up for the course, the tools that Mundey has to share are not just for thriving in France, they are for thriving in life – and will last a lifelong. Merci Mundey!”

Mariska B., Paris France
“The course opened up my thinking to possibilities and not to focus on negatives. Very practical tips to use immediately.”

Janet M., France
“Thriving in France is exactly what I’m not doing at the moment. I’m in a rut in France, and this course is helping me work my way out of it. It was stimulating to hear Mundey’s personal story, but also to hear the stories of the other women in the group. I know I have a lot of work to do, but I do feel like I was given the tools to open my mind, figure out where I want to be and make steps toward the life I want.”

Rachelle, Writer, France

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