Let’s explore how creative visualization can improve your communications. I don’t know about you, but communication as important as it is, can be something that can be in certain situations, very difficult to do. Having the proper tools to, communicate are extremely important. I feel that creative visualization is one of those awesome tools. I use it myself. I’ve used it with a lot of clients and have gotten such amazing results, which is why I’m sharing this with you.

There are three major benefits that I will show you and show you a couple of techniques of how creative visualization can change your communication forever.

The first major benefit of using creative visualization for communication is that you get the time to gather your words and your thoughts inside your visualization. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a situation where you thought you had all the information in your head, but when you were put on the spot, you were searching for your words, fumbling around, getting stressed, anxious and kind of shutting down? If you’ve ever had that experience, then visualization can help you.

The next time you have to give a presentation or speak in a meeting, or just have a conversation with someone close to you who is important visualizing before your conversation will give you the time to really see what is it that you’re trying to say. What are the words do you need to use to get your point across? Basically, visualization gives you the time to actually gather your words and thoughts to make it very concrete inside of yourself. The other major benefit about this is that once you get out of the driver’s seat, you can get into the passenger side and put yourself in the place of the person or people you are trying to communicate to, and that is the most important part. It doesn’t matter how well a speech is practiced, if it is not adapted to the audience, it will not be effective. The best way to do that is to put yourself in that person’s position, listen to yourself speaking in your visualization. This way you can ask yourself, am I using the right words? Am I talking too fast? Could this make people upset? And it gives you time to adapt your communications to your audience.

Now, the second biggest benefit is that it gives you the time to process your emotions and reactions. We have all been caught off guard in communications where things didn’t exactly go the way we planned, like when people get upset. Someone can misunderstand us, even though you clearly explained, they just don’t get what you mean. Those situations can make us defensive, reactive, flustered. It can cause all types of reactions to come up in us. If we haven’t actually thought about how we would deal with unexpected situations in communications, it will normally shut communications down. So creative visualizations can help you to prepare for that. It gives you the chance to walk through the communication, which already helps you to feel a bit more relaxed because now it’s more familiar to you. Also, you can put challenging situations inside your visualizations to give yourself a way to think about how you could I deal with this if it happened? What will I do if the communication doesn’t go the way that I planned? What are some of the things that I could do to support myself? Now, you can visualize yourself dealing with different things in different ways. It’ll definitely make you feel more confident in any communication that you have to do.

Now, the third and last benefit of using visualization for communication is you get to set your intention when you are visualizing yourself communicating. You get to set an intention about what is the purpose of this communication? And what is the result that I am looking for?

When we set intentions, it keeps our conversations and our communications on the path that we would like it to go. When we don’t set our intentions, people can pull us left and right, and we can also lose our focus inside of our communication should we get interrupted. You can visualize yourself directing the conversation to the purpose and the result that it was intended, making sure that what your communication is actually going toward that result and that purpose. It also helps you to find the words to communicate to other people like (ex): I want to have this conversation with you because I think we need to find a solution to this problem. This helps you really get a clear vision of the purpose and the result you’re trying to get from your conversation, and everybody loves that. People like to have conversations that they know have a purpose, and result in something.

These are the some of the major benefits and techniques of creative visualization. Now, if have never visualized before you can go to my website, www.mundeyyoung.com and you can download my Create Your Vision Workbook for Free!

The workbook will take you through four simple steps and teach you how to visualize. If have any question you can feel free to leave your comments below.


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