Do you ever ask yourself have I settled ?

If your not sure here are some good questions to ask that may let you know if you have settled for a life less than what you really want to live.

Here are ten questions to ask yourself:

  1.  Do you dread getting up in morning?
  2. Your job: Do you do it because its easy, for the paycheck, or it is convenient?
  3. Do you feel passionate about something in your life?
  4. Do you daydream about the future a lot?
  5. Do you feel most people in your life don’t understand you?
  6. Is your everyday life full of routine?
  7. Do you start things but don’t finish them?
  8. Do you hang around people you know you have out grown but they are your only friends?
  9. Are you always comparing your life with someone else?
  10. Do you deal well with complications?

I think most people know if they have settle for a life less than what they really want to live. It is so easy when we get comfortable in life to stop pushing and fighting for our true hearts desire and purpose. We become OK with this is good enough. For a lot of people just getting the bills paid takes up all their time and, it seems there is no energy left to go after ones true dreams.

Most people tend to settle when it takes to long, when it’s tough, or to hard. People settle when they don’t want to deal with the pain of not having attained. When people want to settle the tendency is to move the goal to line up with where they are.

When we want to give up and just be comfortable we begin making excuses that maybe the dream we dreamt wasn’t for us. We have lots of Maybes:

Maybe it’s not the right time.

Maybe it’s not for me.

Maybe I am not cut out to do this.

Maybe it’s not my purpose look at how long it’s taking.

Maybe I am to young, old, fat, or not smart enough.

The list goes on…

Maybe is the tranquilizer for hope.


Life uses people that move!

Don’t settle!


Ask yourself the question what would my life be like if didn’t take “No” for answer, if I really would not settle for less than the best?

So how do we get there and stop settling for less than what we really want to live in our lives? How do we step into our purpose?

Here are some tips that will help you get out of just living a life of routine, rituals and maybes

1. Don’t become satisfied with something that should just encourage you. Don’t mistake that first positive step for the final destination!

2. If you are going to be effective you have get to focused. Leave the if’s behind and work with what you got!

3. Never listen to the voice that says you have to have this or that to get what you want. Circumstances don’t matter you can always find an example of someone in your same circumstances that became successful.

4. Don’t let complications discourage you. Every conquer has complications. If you wait for the complications to leave you’ll never be a conquer.You can not discover what is inside of you without challenge.

5. One must cut away anything that is not productive. Leave the old behind so the new can enter.You can’t be who you were and who you are at the same time. So decide!

6. You have to believe in yourself first!Don’t spend all your energy trying to convince people of something you don’t believe yourself. That never works if you don’t believe in yourself neither will anyone else.

7. Define who you are and what is your message. Don’t confuse people. Everything about you needs to line up with where you are going.

8. Stay strong! Are you splitting your strength by trying to do to many things? Everything you do needs to be connected to line up together. You can express in different forms but the message must be the same.

9. Dream and have Goals. If you don’t have something in front of you ,you stop fighting and stop dreaming.

10. You can’t be secretly great. Have faith get out there and let the world know who you are. You can hope for things to happen but know that hope is the start and faith is the support.

This text was inspired by a sermon I heard from the famous  the TD Jakes. So many thanks to him for putting gods word into language we can understand and apply to life to live fully.

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