The Passeport Talent: What it is? and Who it is for?

Are you someone dreaming of moving to France or maybe you are already in France but want to stay longer? Well, I may have just the solution for you! It’s something called the “Passeport Talent” which provides a visa for “talented people” who will help to stimulate the French economy! Even better is it’s a long-term visa that is even renewable for up to 4 years.

Now, I put the words “talented people” in quotation marks for a very good reason. There is a multitude of meanings to “talented” when it comes to this type of long-stay visa. That is why I have decided to first introduce you to the Talent Visa in this video and then carry on a series of 10 other videos that explain the different categories you may be eligible for. So before you run away thinking you are not talented or do not fit into a specific box, take a closer look at this video series.

Who is it for?

This visa is a long-term residency permit to live and work in France for people who have specific talents and qualifications that will help to develop the French economy.                                                                            These talents can be in different sectors in a directly or indirectly manner including:





You can either work for a company that helps to develop the economy of France. Or if you’re self-employed and your business does something to help the French economy, that works as well.

You must be looking to stay for a minimum of three months because it is a long-term visa. Normally your family should be allowed to join you as well and work.


The Passport Talent is a bit document-heavy but doable. The cost is 269 euros. These are the basic documents you will need:

  • Passport
  • Your birth certificate (translate)
  • Your wedding certificate if you are married (translated)
  • Your kids’ birth certificates (translated)
  • Proof of address (taxes/bill/electricity)
  • Three ID photos
  • Application
  • Official documents related to your work or business.

Furthermore, depending on which category you are applying for you will need to submit proof of a work contract and/or the activity you will be creating in France. You will need to apply for this type of visa at the consulate of your home country. If you are already in France, you should apply at the local Prefecture.

Visa Application: | The official website for visa application to France

List of Documents Needed: List of documents to be submitted with an application for a multi-year Talent Passport residence permit marked ‘European Union

Prefecture Finder: Préfectures / Le ministère

Purchase Stamps for Application: Achat de timbres fiscaux électroniques

As mentioned above, the Passport Talent has 10 different categories, all designed for different situations and for different people. In the next series of videos, I will go through each one so you can decide what works best for you. Feel free to post comments and questions and thanks for tuning in! Lastly, I should mention, I am not an expert, but happy to help you as much as I can on your journey to France.




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