Are you living in a rut? Does your life feel a little too ordinary and not very extraordinary?

There are times in our lives when everyday feels like groundhog day. We wake up, we go to work, come home, cook dinner, eat dinner, and go to bed. Just to do it all over again, day after day. It is during those mundane times that we often plunge into daydreaming about being somewhere else and doing something els. There are other things we think we would love to do, but do we dare take it a step further to get closer to that vision or daydream?

This month I had a great interview with Krystal Kenney about this very idea (check out the podcast interview here:

Krystal is a girl from a small town in the States who dreamed of living abroad to become a writer and professional photographer. Lots of people tried to talk her out of her dream, telling her that she could never make a living from that. So, she never went to school for journalism and spent years wondering ‘what if’? But the writer that was always inside of her would not be silenced. It kept trying to get her attention. Until one day she finally listened. Now, she lives in Paris, France, is a professional photographer and has written her first book, “Paris, A Life Less Ordinary: A Memoir.”

I think we can all relate to this story on some level. Isn’t there something we all have dreamed of doing, being, or experiencing but for some reason or another we don’t trust that we could succeed or that we could make it into something profitable for our lives.. Not to mention, the choir of people singing the same tune that our doubts are telling us in our heads.

So how do you get out of all this ordinariness or the mundanities of everyday life? Well, I’m not sure you are going to like the answer, but hear me out.

You know all those challenges, sacrifices, and failures you are trying to avoid in life? Those are exactly the things that make a life less ordinary. Look, we’ve all heard those amazing success stories. But what makes those stories amazing are all the challenges, sacrifices and failures those people went through to get the success or fulfilment we would all like to have in our own lives. 

Do you want a life less ordinary? Here is how:

  • Challenge yourself.
  • Be willing to sacrifice comfort to chase your dream or passion.
  • Be willing to fail and lose your shirt going after that thing that just won’t leave you alone. That niggling inside that keeps telling you there is something else out there for you, if you would just be willing to listen and try.

I can attest from experiences in my own life that the recipe of taking on challenges, getting uncomfortable and the willingness to fail but never quit is the answer to building the extraordinary life you daydream about. I am living that life now.

I had always wanted to help people, travel, live on an olive farm in the south of France, be on the radio, speak at events, and be loved for myself. And because I dared to try and never stopped trying no matter how many setbacks tried to keep me from my destiny, I never quit. I never stopped. Today, I have the life I always dreamed of and the new challenge is living that life to the fullest!

Is there something you want in your life but you never really gave yourself permission to ever really try? You’ve chalked it up to pipe dreams, but it still keeps nagging at you? Are there people around you or is it your own doubt, or lack of self-worth or confidence talking you out of even trying? If the answer is yes, do yourself a favour and book a free discovery call with me. You deserve the chance to explore your options. We’ll spend 20 mins chatting about your dream and its viability; if that challenge is doable; and could you actually live the life you always felt you could? It doesn’t hurt to try, right?

Click the link below to book a call with me. I would love to hear from you! Tell me: how do you want to make your life less ordinary?