Today I am going to give you 5 quick tips on how to find work aboard if you are an expat, traveler or someone who maybe relocating soon or someone just thinking of traveling and hoping to work at your new destination. These tips should be helpful to you. These are the basics you will need to get started off on the right foot in your new destination.

1. The first tip is translate your qualifications!  If you are going to a country where they speak a different language than you this is essentiel for several reasons. If you get to the country and the people speak english a lot of the time they don’t know job titles. So make it easy on them and yourself and know how to at the very least describe your qualifications and education history. Second reason is if you do meet someone who might be interested in hiring you but your CV or Resume is not translated you could find yourself running around like chicken with there head cut off trying to get your CV or Resume translated at the last minute and this can take up to a week sometimes and the person may think that your not professional or serious, and the opportunity may pass you by, so be ready with your resume to hand over completely translated to whom ever might ask!

2. Tip Two: Make a Full List of All Your Skills. I mean full! Write down every single thing you know how to do! I suggest doing this because if you need to make an income right away you may need to have a part -time job while you try to find the exact kind of work you would like to do, and a lot of the time it takes time when we arrive somewhere new to find the exact kind of work we would like to do and you never know what skill you have in your treasure chest of life experience that can help you. Also, small opportunities can turn into bigger ones.

3. Tip Three: Write down what you are willing to do and not willing to do. This will help you be adaptable but not miserable! The mistake lots of people make because they need an income they will take any job and this could lead to you not enjoying your new destination because you if you hate what you do you may confuse that with hating the place. So make sure you look for a job even the part-time one that is inline with your personality and you will feel good about doing.

4. Tip Four: Tell anyone who will listen what kind of work your are looking for and where. There is always somebody who knows somebody who maybe able to help you or give you some valuable information to help you get started. So send email to your friends and family letting them know your plans and what you hope to do and ask if they may know anyone who could be of help. Also, post on your social media. You will be surprised at the people, people know and this coud be a big support to you.

5. Tip Five: Get support from your community. Before you arrive or as soon as you do find your community. There are groups everywhere that share your language, hobbies, and interests. A lot of organizations are there to help English speakers and they normally hold events which gives you the opportunity to meet people and network. This gives you a chance to get some insight into the community, a chance ask to what is the best way find for work where you are and how the working culture is. Normally they can give you the inside scoop. You are going to need support so make sure you get it.

These tips should help you get started but if you are an expat or traveler and you would like to have some more help getting started in your new location you can contact me as I have designed a Expatriate Coaching Program that can make sure you are successful with your goals no matter where you are. Also, please feel free to leave any questions or comment on this post as I try to get back to everyone with the information they need.

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