I saw this quote and thought how perfect. In the name of protectionism we put up walls to keep out things that we think can hurt us, but the problem with this is that when we put up walls to keep things out, it also blocks new things coming in !


So my coaching tip for today is instead of putting another wall, build a bridge !

When we build walls we are in a state of fear constantly. We are trying to keep out dangers that we can’t see but try to anticipate, but life is unpredictable and we can’t see and prepare for everything. That is why even with all the walls we build we can still get hurt anyway. Once that pain, danger, or problem has penetrated your wall and is on the other side, neither you or it you can get out. You are both stuck and can’t go anywhere. In the end we are trapped within the walls with the things we feared the most.

So stop putting up walls and start building bridges !

A bridge give us the opportunity to move away from things that are a danger to us or hurt us in the past. We can leave behind the people, places and things that no longer serve us. We get the opportunity to see the other side and explore new possibilities. We get the chance move on to a new place that we weren’t connected to before. We can be presented with new opportunities that were blocked by our walls.

You maybe asking well without walls how can we establish a safe place for ourselves on the other side of the bridge ?

Well, on your bridges you are allowed to charge a toll. This is our form of boundaries. If people or things want to cross the bridge it has to respect the rules of the road. Not everything or person that come across our bridge may respect the rules but if they don’t pay the toll they’ll be the ones paying the the penalty, not you !

That is the most important point.  We don’t want to pay the price for mistakes or problems that don’t belong to us. A bridge give us more options on how to deal with different situations. So don’t build a trap for yourself with lots walls, give yourself permission to move. That way you can deal with any bridge you may come across.

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