Over the weekend I was watching a webinar of two Life Coaches that I greatly admire Gabrielle Bernstien and Marie Forleo, they were addressing the subject of how to find success and balance as a multi-passionate entrepreneur. I enjoyed this webinar so much that I wanted to share it with you. The webinar was about an hour long and you can find it on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyHj7YzuZ_Q

So, If you have the time and this subject pertains to you I would really suggest watching it, but if you don’t have an hour to spare I am going to break down some of the great tips given to help all those multi-passionate entrepreneurs achieve more success! Trust me this stuff works as I have been using some of these techniques for years with great results for clients and myself. If you are someone who has lots of good of ideas, multiple passions, and your an entrepreneur you may have a hard time juggling all the things you would like to do! One of the pit-falls that stops many multi-passionate entrepreneurs from succeeding is that they can have so many great projects and ideas that they want to see come to fruition that they get overwhelmed!

Getting a project or idea started is the exciting part, but it is the follow through that is the hard part. Lots of us multi-passionate entrepreneurs get distracted because in the middle of one project we get another great idea, and go off chasing that shiny new thing. When developing a project staying consistent, working hard and following through with everything that needs to be done is what is needed to make your ideas and project come to fruition, and this where most people get stuck, myself included!

Here are some steps that can really help you to bring more of your ideas and projects to reality!

 Step 1: Get those ideas out of your head and down on paper.

Ideas can’t go anywhere if they are swimming around in your head. Writing your ideas down and getting crystal clear about what you want to create is like giving birth, once it is out of your head you can start to grow and develop your baby. Your idea should be so clear that you could see, touch, and smell it. Once you have your ideas written down put a date on its creation. You need to know by what time period you would like to have accomplished this idea. This will help to focus your energy.

Step 2: Really focus and observe where is your energy drawing you.

This is important because when new opportunities and ideas come long and your not sure if it something you should do or not do, you can look at the goals and projects you have written down and if the new ideas or opportunity gets you closer to you ultimate goal its winner! But if it is just another thing to distract you off your course you can let it go knowing that being selective about where you place your energy helps you make choices that will keep you on the path to what you are really aiming to create.

Step 3: Find out who is your customer.

Take the time to identify who is your customer. Do your research to understand your customer and what they really want. When crafting your project or idea step into the shoes of the people who would benefit from your idea or service. Make sure your product is crafted for them, not for you!

It is important to create a customer experience. Listen, understand, take the attention off yourself, and put it on to your customer. Once this is done and your ideas formed you can start to create a marketing plan that will help you find the customers who really need your services.

Final step: It’s not about making all happen at once!

It is about consistency, being in it for the long haul. Know that if you take lots of small right actions you will achieve your goal!

I hope this has helped someone today. I have attached the video for those who have time to watch.

Until next time……peace.

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